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Go make yourself your favorite drink, play some lovely music, look around at your journey so far, take a deeeeep breath and *really* pay attention to this next part. 

It. Will. Change. Your. Life. 

Personal Finances are the Ground Zero to TRANSFORMING your entire life! 

It’s Pay Day! You have earned money somehow, either from your own business or being paid to do work for someone else. 

Take another breath. Really take in every single word of this.

For most people, all of this money is already spoken for. It might as well not even touch your bank account and just go straight to all the outstretched hands waiting to grab it. To pay the mortgage or rent, to pay towards credit cards or loans, to buy food and gas and electricity and car insurance, and to take Fluffy to the vet. 

Then you work some more and money is again being sent your way and that is also intercepted by the next pile of bills that have been sitting, waiting for weeks to stake their claim on this next batch of money. Then you continue to work because we need the money to stay warm and fed and to ensure that the rest of our needs are met and because, hello, we would not make it very long as cavemen!

This goes on for weeks, maybe years, until one day, you again have a pile of money you have earned coming your way. But this time, there is no mortgage or rent, credit card or loan payments, food or gas or electricity or car insurance or even Fluffy waiting to stake their claim on this money. 

It’s all yours, patiently waiting for your instructions on how it may be used at your service.

This is the result of making financial decisions on *perfect* information.

The time will pass anyway…😉

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Meet Monika Lund of North Star Financial Solutions Accounting And Financial Services

I believe that when you understand your finances, we can best manage your finances. Smart money management starts here.

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North Star Financial Solutions with Monika Lund Accounting And Financial Services

Business Finance Services

As a business owner, you need timely and accurate financial reports from which to make solid business decisions. Whether you need help setting up, catching up, or cleaning up your accounting system, you are here because you know that it is time to make this investment in your business.

Personal Finance Services

Our goal is to create a symbiotic relationship between your personal and business finances where the output of your business becomes the input of your personal finances. 

*If you don’t have a business, that’s ok! You might in the future. Nudge, nudge 😉

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